Short term stay


When you need time and space for self-examination and rest Engedi offers you an opportunity through arrangement for short term stay. 

For example the weekend which starts at friday from 16:00 PM till sunday 14:00 uur PM.


An arrangement of stay includes four sessions. When needed it is possible to plan more time for sessions or stay, according to the rate which Engedi calculates


Weekendarrangment: An all inclusive stay included wit four sessions ad € 587,00. This is competitively priced to keep it affordable for those who don't have a reimbursement option.


During an arrangement at Engedi it's about you.

This allows you to (permanently) achieve a lot of results. Partly because of this, we see a number of clients come back to us on a regular basis. 


Experience of cliënts: "enriching", "breakthrough", "being able to put the puzzle together", "healing", "liberating", "deepening", "gained insights", "changing", "relaxing".



Other options to stay at Engedi:

- A short arrangement, as a part of the day with 1 or more hours of session in combination with lunch.

- Besides the weekend there is also the possibilitie to reserve days in the other days of the week, a midweek, a week or maybe ten days.  

- During your stay you have all privacy and time in between the sessions which are planned, taking in account your wishes.


The prices for the overnight stay, breakfast, lunch and evening meal have been deliberately kept as low as possible.


It is not the intention that an Engedi arrangement can be seen as a Bed & Breakfast location. Stay is always in combination with sessions. Bed linen, towels and WiFi are provided.





Engedi bevindt zich op het eiland Tholen op randje Zuid-Holland (35 minuten rijden vanaf Rotterdam Centrum, Breda en Antwerpen) en is goed bereikbaar. Klik hier voor informatie en kaart van de locatie. 

You find Engedi on the island Tholen in the south of Holland. Click here for info and location map.